Aparian has release improved Time Sync Module.  The A-TSM Series B has an isolated GPS receiver improving noise/surge immunity. The TSM/B is also certified for CE and UL Class 1 Division 2.

In addition to PTP, the Time Sync module supports synchronizing legacy PLC platforms (PLC5, SLC) as well as MicroLogix controllers by either writing GPS time directly into the system file of the controller or to a integer file. The Time Sync module also supports writing GPS time to a Modbus register.

See  Time Sync Module.


  • 1588 PTP - Precision Time Protocol Grand Master Clock
  • Cost effective time synchronization solution
  • Cross Platform (DCS, PLC, CompactLogix, ControlLogix, Electrical Protection Systems, Modbus​​​)
  • Support for Legacy PLC5/SLC time synchronization​​​
  • 1588 PTP Network Transport UDP or IEEE802.3
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) master or slave
  • High accuracy time synchronization (onboard GPS receiver)
  • Isolated GPS Receiver
  • Position, Velocity and odometer readings