The 1756 PMIO Scanner enables multiple Honeywell TDC 3000® PM/HPM/APM Input/Output Processors (IOPs) to be owned by a ControlLogix controller providing a seamless migration path to the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform from the legacy Honeywell TDC 3000® systems. The PMIO Scanner plugs directly into a ControlLogix chassis and connects directly into the TDC 3000® redundant I/O Link.

See  Honeywell® PMIO Scanner.


  • Provides a Reduced-Risk Migration strategy for legacy Honeywell systems
  • 28 x IOPs per PMIO Scanner
  • Scanner Modes:
    • Run   - PMIO Scanner configures IOP, reads inputs & controls outputs
    • Shadow  - Listen only, provides Input & Output Readback values to Logix for checkout/testing/HMI/Historian
    • Learn  - Uploads configuration from (Honeywell) pre-configured IOPs
  • Options to Add & Configure IOPs:
    • EB (Exception Build) File Import
    • Online Learn Option
    • Manual Configuration
  • Redundant I/O Link (Channel A and B)
  • Redundant PMIO Scanners are supported
  • Integration into Logix with dedicated Add-On-Profile (AOP)
  • Diagnostics available in Logix
  • Easy to configure – Free Slate Configuration Utility