The CANopen Router/B module provides intelligent data routing between either EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP/RTU and the CANopen bus network. This allows the user to integrate CANopen devices into a Rockwell Logix platform (e.g., ControlLogix or CompactLogix) or any Modbus Master or Slave device with minimal effort. The module can be configured to be either a CANopen Master or CANopen Slave allowing the user to not only integrate CANopen devices into a Logix or Modbus system, but to also allow the user to use EtherNet/IP or Modbus devices in an existing CANopen network (by using the CANopen Router/B in Slave mode).

  • Module has various operating interfaces:
    • EtherNet/IP Target (Class 1 connection as well as Direct-To-Tag Logix tag access)
    • Modbus Slave (TCP, RTU232, and RTU485)
    • Modbus Master (TCP, RTU232, and RTU485)
    • EtherNet/IP Originator (Class 1 connection with up to 5 EtherNet/IP devices and Explicit Messaging with up to 5 EtherNet/IP devices).

The CANopen Router/B can have up to 124 CANopen Slave devices (when operating as a CANopen Master) each with up to 32 PDOs. When operating as a CANopen Slave the module can emulate up to 128 PDOs with various CANopen node addresses.

The CANopen Router/B can map up to 100 Service Data Objects (SDOs) from various CANopen Slaves into any of the of the operating interfaces (EtherNet/IP Target, Modbus Slave, Modbus Master, or EtherNet/IP Originator) similar to the mapping of CANopen Slave Process Data Objects (PDOs).

The CANopen Router/B also supports NMT management and LSS Node and Bit Rate Assignment as well as Time Synchronization and Emergency message handling on the CANopen network.

See  CANopen Router/B.