The Aparian Modbus Router/B has been updated with many new features:

  • Better Modbus Client and Modbus Server integration and mapping with Enhanced Mode.
  • Support for EtherNet/IP Class 1 (2KB) as well as Direct-to-Tag data exchange with Logix controllers.
  • Support for Module Security (authentication, encryption, operational robustness, etc.)
  • Configurable TCP port numbers.
  • Can now operate as an EtherNet/IP Class 1 Originator allowing the MBR/B to own EtherNet/IP IO.
  • Modbus can now communicate on all ports (TCP, RTU232, RTU485) at the same time.
  • Support for Bridge Mode allowing a transparent link for Modbus between different media (TCP, RTU232, and RTU485).
  • Concentrator Mode will collect data from a number of Modbus devices and provide the consolidated data to one or more Modbus Clients.