Aparian, Inc. is please to announce that it has obtained the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) for Australia and New Zealand for our Routers, 4 Channel HART, Time Sync, and XPosition modules. 

DF1 Radio Modem protocol has been added to the functionality of the Aparian DF1 Router (A-DF1R) with release of firmware 1.018. The configurable store-and-foreward options allow the simple deployment of a complex radio network, where certain nodes are required to act as repeaters. 

The Time Sync module now supports synchronizing legacy PLC platforms (PLC5, SLC) as well as MicroLogix controllers by either writing GPS time directly into the system file of the controller or to a integer file. The Time Sync module also supports writing GPS time to a Modbus register. See  Time Sync Module.

The DF1 Router now supports the programming of Legacy serial interface controllers (PLC5,SLC) and MicroLogix controllers over Ethernet. The module will also allow a serial device to communicate to multiple PLCs or MicroLogix controllers on a Ethernet connectoin (eg. serial radio interface). The DF1 Router can be used as a replacement for the NET-ENI module.

The Cell Connect module provides an easy to configure method to exchange tag data between Logix controllers as well as sending messages to user's mobile phones.

Data exchange between control systems has never been easier and more secure. Logix tags, even complex user defined types (UDTs) can be exchanged with matching counterparts in controllers anywhere in the world. The data exchange does not require the registering of a cellular APN (Access Point Name) service, nor does it require a static or external IP address. Data exchange makes use of RSA-key authentication and AES encryption ensuring it is never compromised.