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DH485 Router Modes

The DH485 Router is able to transfer data from a DH485 device to a maximum of three Logix controllers. The module operates in one of four modes, simplifying the configuration for all applications.​

​Mode Description​ Message Initiator​
​Transparent PCCC The DH485 Router will redirect DF1 PCCC messages to a Logix controller at a preconfigured EtherNet/IP path. Logix PLC Mapping configuration is also required. ​Remote Device
​Reactive Tag The DH485Router will convert DF1 PCCC messages to Logix controller tag reads or tag writes. No Logix PLC Mapping configuration is required. ​Remote Device
​Scheduled Tag The DH485 Router transfers data between a DH485 device and a number of Logix tags, using a preconfigured scheduled. No Logix or remote device configuration is required. ​DH485 Router
​Unscheduled The DH485 Router transfers messages received from a Logix Message Instruction. ​Logix (Msg)

Free Configuration Software

The DH485 Router is configured using the Aparian Slate application. Slate offers various configuration methods, including a controller tag browser.

Add to IO Tree in RSLogix

The module can operate in both a Logix “owned” and standalone mode. With a Logix connection the input and output assemblies will provide additional diagnostics information which will be available in the Logix controller environment.

1761-NET-AIC Replacement

The DH485 Router can be used as a replacement for the 1761-NET-AIC. The router converts DH485 to EtherNet/IP directly so a DF1 is no longer required.  

Simple Installation

The module uses RS485 for DH485 communication. The RS485 port also uses a terminal block for convenient installation. 

Status & Diagnostics

A built-in webserver provides detailed diagnostics of system configuration and operation, including the display of received DH485 communication packets, without the need for any additional software.