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The DeviceNet Router is able to asynchronously exchange data between a DeviceNet polling master (scanner) and an Ethernet PCCC device. The sizes of the DeviceNet’s produced and consumed data are independently configurable from 0 to 128 bytes each.

The consumed (DeviceNet) data can then be mapped to a PLC5 type address file, e.g. N33, and then read by an Ethernet device e.g. a PanelView. Similarly, the produced data (DeviceNet) can also be mapped to a PLC5 type address file, to which an Ethernet device could write.

In addition, the DeviceNet Router can be used to transfer parameters of a DeviceNet device directly to Logix tags. The scaling of the parameter values will either be extracted from the EDS file imported or can be manually updated by the user.

The module also provides a range of statistics and an on-board DeviceNet traffic analyser to assist with fault finding.

A built-in webserver provides detailed diagnostics of system configuration and operation, including the display of DeviceNet operation and communication statistics, without the need for any additional software.

The DeviceNet Router is configured using the Aparian Slate application. This program can be downloaded from www.aparian.com free of charge.