Discontinued Products


Specification Rating
Connectors 2 x BNC connectors (ControlNet A and B)
Conductors Quad shield RG-6 coaxial cable
Routing Supported (RSLogix programming) Yes
Redundant ControlNet Supported


ControlNet Target

Specification Rating
Scheduled Connection Size

Max Input Size – 408 bytes (400 bytes mapped data)

Max Output Size – 404 bytes (400 bytes mapped data)
Unscheduled Routed Client Max 40
Scheduled Connection Count 1


ControlNet Originator

Specification Rating
Scheduled Connection Max Count 10
Scheduled Connection Max Data

Input Connection Data

500 bytes per connection

Output Connection Data

Total of 277 bytes for 1 connection.

Total of 269 bytes for 2 connections.

Total of 261 bytes for 3 connections.

Total of 253 bytes for 4 connections.

Total of 245 bytes for 5 connections.

Total of 237 bytes for 6 connections.

Total of 229 bytes for 7 connections.

Total of 221 bytes for 8 connections.

Total of 213 bytes for 9 connections.

Total of 205 bytes for 10 connections.
Explicit Unscheduled Connection Max 10
Multiple ControlNet Router Connection Originators Supported