Discontinued Products

The i90 Scanner provides an interface between Bailey Network 90® IO and a Logix system using multiple EtherNet/IP class 1 connections. The i90 Scanner supports up to 34 Bailey® IOmodules and consumes 7 Logix IO connections.

The i90 Scanner is configured using the Aparian Slate application which can be downloaded free of charge.

Within the Slate environment each i90 IO module can be configured to match the application.


The following IO modules are supported:

  • IMASI02/NASI02 – 15 Channel Analog Input
  • IMDSI02/NDSI02 – 16 Channel Digital Input
  • IMDSO04/NDSO04 – 16 Channel Digital Output
  • IMASO01/NASO01 – 14 Channel Analog Output
  • IMDSM05/NDSM05 – 2 x 8 Channel Digital Input/Output
  • IMCIS02/NCIS02 – Combination IO (4 Channel Analog Input, 2 Channel AnalogOutput, 3 Channel Digital Input, 4 Channel Digital Output)


Using the EDS AOP (Add-On-Profile) in Studio 5000, the i90 Scanner can be added directly intothe Logix IO tree. AOIs (Add-On-Instructions) are provided for both Standalone and Redundant architectures and facilitate the mapping of IO and diagnostic information to meaningful (UDT) structures.

In the case of a redundant system, the AOI also automatically switches between the Active and Standby i90 Scanner.

To aid in migration, the i90 Scanner provides a Shadow mode, where the i90 Scanner can run in parallel with the existing Bailey® processor. In this mode the existing CPU is controlling the IO modules and the i90 Scanner is listening-in and providing the input and output readback data to the Logix Controller.

The i90 Scanner hosts two Ethernet ports which can either be used as an unmanaged switch or used in a Device-Level-Ring (DLR) topology, providing Ethernet redundancy.

The i90 Scanner has a range of diagnostics, statistics, and tools to support the user during themigration process. This will speed up fault finding and reduce down-time.