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GPS Time and Position Modes

The Time Sync module has optimized modes for both Time and Position functions and a custom mode as detailed below.

Mode Description
Time The module is configured to only use the GPS constellation for best time accuracy.
Position The module is configured to use GPS, SBAS and GLONASS satellite constellations to provide the most accurate positioning information.
Custom This mode allows the user to select the constellations that are needed for the required application.

Free Config Software

The Time Sync module is configured using the Aparian's Slate application. Slate offers various configuration methods. Slate can be downloaded here.

Sync with 1588 PTP and NTP Services

The module is a stand-alone device allowing it to operate across various platforms. The module can also seamlessly connect and integrate with Rockwell Automation’s Allen Bradley equipment. The module can operate in either a Logix “owned” or standalone mode. In stand-alone mode the module can be configured and connected to an Ethernet network to accurately synchronize devices using 1588 PTP and NTP. With a Logix connection the input and output assemblies will provide timing, positioning, and diagnostic information which will be available in the Logix controller environment in addition to the PTP and NTP services.

Current Time using Modbus TCP

The module can update a single Modbus slave device using Modbus TCP providing current time data.

Less Expensive Installation

The module uses an on-board GPS receiver to provide accurate time and position information. Because the module is stand-alone and connects to various devices over an Ethernet network the module can be placed as close as possible to the antenna position removing the need for costly low-loss coaxial cables.

GPS Position and Velocity

The on-board GPS receiver also provides velocity and an odometer reading allowing the user to implement the module in various vehicle and tracking applications. The GPS accuracy information provides the user/controller with quality metrics for the position, velocity, and odometer information.

NTP to PTP Synchronization

The Time Sync module can synchronize its internal clock to an external NTP source and then provide PTP messages synchronized to NTP source.

Status & Diagnostics

A built-in webserver provides detailed diagnostics of system configuration and operation, including the display of GPS time, position, and velocity, without the need for any additional software.