Discontinued Products


Specification Rating
Antenna Port SMA-Female
Supported Constellations GPS / QZSS, GLONASS, SBAS, BeiDou
Velocity accuracy 0.05 m/s
Heading accuracy 0.3 degrees
Horizontal position accuracy 2.0m (SBAS), 2.5m (autonomous) - (50% CEP - static)
Accuracy of time pulse signal 60ns
Altitude limit 50,000m
Velocity limit 500 m/s


GPS Antenna

Specification Rating
Antenna Connector SMA-Male
Cable Length 3m
Cable Type RG174
Antenna Type Active
Active Gain 27dB (typical)
Noise Figure 1.5 (maximum)
Voltage 2.7-5.5Vdc
Temperature -35°C to +85 °C
Enclosure description Rugged low profile, UV resistant.