Discontinued Products

The Cell Connect module provides an easy to configure method to exchange tag data between Logix controllers as well as sending messages to user's mobile phones. Text messages are configured in the module and sent each time their respective Logix (trigger) tag value changes. The messages can be sent either using the standard cellular short messaging service (SMS) or using the Telegram messaging infrastructure. The latter allows the messages to be received by users using the Telegram mobile apps available for iOS, Android and Windows.

Data exchange between control systems has never been easier and more secure. Logix tags, even complex user defined types (UDTs) can be exchanged with matching counterparts in controllers anywhere in the world. The data exchange does not require the registering of a cellular APN (Access Point Name) service, nor does it require a static or external IP address. Data exchange makes use of RSA-key authentication and AES encryption ensuring it is never compromised.

For smaller, self-contained applications, the Cell Connect module provides 4 digital inputs and 2 solid state relay outputs. These can be monitored and controlled respectively via a remote Logix controller, or directly by the user using a Text (SMS) or Telegram message.

The Cell Connect module can also exchange CIP object data from any EtherNet/IP device with a remote Logix controller. Examples of this include a remote station comprising an EtherNet/IP HART module and a HART field device, or a remote PowerMonitor.

Modbus TCP devices can also exchange blocks of Modbus registers using the Cell Connect module, either with a Logix controller, or with another Modbus TCP device.​​​

The module ships with an antenna with a 9' (3m) cable.​