Discontinued Products

The IP-Point-HART module can convert any analog device into either EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, CC-Link, or DNP3 TCP/UDP protocols. This includes 4 to 20 mA input and output devices with or without HART communications as well as 0 to 20 ma devices without HART.

The IP-Point-Hart is available in Input or Output variations:‚Äč

  • A-IP.HART-I for HART input devices like process instruments.
  • A-IP.HART-O for HART output devices like valve positioners.

The waterproof module is designed to screw directly into the HART field device simplifying installation. Power (24V) and Ethernet is connected to the device through the use of industry standard M12 connectors. The M12 connectors are supplied with the device and can be connected in the field.

The conversion to EtherNet/IP enables a HART device to be added directly into a Rockwell Automation Logix IO tree. The Modbus-TCP option enables a HART field device to be viewed as a Modbus Slave. The DNP3 option converts a HART field device into a DNP3 Outstation. The DNP3 option, also supports Secure Authentication, ensuring secure communications across the Ethernet network.

The HART module also supports CC-Link and can operate as a CC-Link Slave allowing a CC-Link Master (eg. Mitsubishi controller) to connect to it and exchange data with the HART field device.

In addition, a rich collection of process and diagnostic information is provided directly into Logix, without the use of any explicit messaging. HART commands can also be relayed to the device using an EtherNet/IP message relay object. A DTM (Device Type Manager) is available further simplifying device configuration and management using an FDT frame. A built-in webserver provides detailed diagnostics of system configuration and operation as well as field device specific diagnostics.