Discontinued Products

The HDLC ​Router provides intelligent data routing between EtherNet/IP and HDLC (RS485) which can help the migration from GEM80 control systems to ControlLogix or CompactLogix platforms, where a HDLC interface is required.

This allows the user to integrate HDLC devices into a Rockwell Logix platform (eg. ControlLogix or CompactLogix) with minial effort.​

The module can be configured to act as either an HDLC master or slave , in either 2-wire or 4-wire RS485 mode. Data can easily be mapped to custom positions in the Logix input and output assemblies affording maxmimum user flexibility.​

The HDLC Router is configured using the Aparian Slate application. Slate offers various configuration methods, including a controller tag browser.

A built-in webserver provides detailed diagnostics of system configuration and operation, including the display of received HDLC ​communication packets, without the need for any additional software.