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This module enables the integration of a GEM80 controller into a Rockwell Logix platform (e.g. ControlLogix or CompactLogix) or Rockwell HMI (e.g. FTView / PanelView) with minimal effort.​

The The module can be configured to either exchange data between a Logix controller and a GEM80 controller at a fixed interval, or as an AB Ethernet PCCC slave and DECNet master allowing a Rockwell SCADA to directly communicate with a GEM80 controller.

The module also provides a range of statistics to help fault find any problem.

A built-in webserver provides detailed diagnostics of system configuration and operation, including the display of GemLan operation and communication statistics, without the need for any additional software.


DTM Setup Files


Specification Rating
Duplex Full/Half
Error detection CRC, BCC
Embedded response Auto, On



Specification Rating
Supported Ports

Modbus RTU

Modbus TCP

Functions Supported

Read Discrete Inputs

Read Coils

Read Input Register

Read Holding Register

Data Cache

Specification Rating
Max Record Count 16,777,216
Maximum tag count 200
Log criteria supported

Delta change

Heart beat

Tag Triggers

Minimum Log Interval 50ms
Data Types Supported Bool, SInt, Int, DInt, Real
Cached Records Non-Volatile Yes
Log triggers supported Yes
Data Sources

Logix Tags

DF1 Files

Modbus (RTU and TCP) registers

Product Dimensions

Power Connector Dimensions

Ethernet Connector Dimensions