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We have two office locations:

United States Office:  
 Address: 2709 Orange Ave
Unit D
Santa Ana, CA 92707
 Phone: +1(949) 445-4109
South Africa Office:  
Address: Block 4
Fernridge Office Park
5 Hunter Rd

Rockwell Automation Encompass Program

As an Encompass Partner with Rockwell Automation, Aparian develops, distributes, and supports various innovative products that complement Rockwell Automation's products and solutions. Aparian products seamlessly integrate and operate with Rockwell Automation platforms, offering great ease of use, and allowing the customer to benefit fully from the partnership. 


The following products are part of Rockwell Automation's Encompass Program:

1756 A PMIO web

PMIO Scanner

The 1756 PMIO Scanner enables a Honeywell TDC 3000®  PM/HPM/APM Input/Output Processors (IOPs) to be owned by a ControlLogix controller providing a seamless migration path to the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform from the legacy Honeywell TDC 3000® systems. The PMIO Scanner plugs directly into a ControlLogix chassis and connects directly into the TDC 3000® redundant I/O Link.  

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Profibus PA Link

Profibus PA Link

The PA Link module simplifies the implementation of PROFIBUS PA by combining an EtherNet/IP and ModbusTCP Linking device with an internal isolated power conditioner and bus terminator.

The PA Link can either operate as a PROFIBUS DPV0/DPV1 master allowing EtherNet/IPThe PA Link can either operate as a PROFIBUS DPV0/DPV1 master allowing EtherNet/IP devices (e.g. Rockwell Logix platforms) or Modbus devices to exchange process, alarming, and diagnostic data with PROFIBUS PA devices as well as provide parameterization and asset management of slave devices using Device Type Managers (DTMs).

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ControlNet Router

The ControlNetRouter provides an efficient method of bridging ControlNet and Ethernet networks.

Uses include: Connecting ControlNet to Ethernet Interfaces, connecting Ethernet-only PanelViews to Logix via ControlNet, and programing Logix controllers via ControlNet.

The module supports both Scheduled & Unscheduled ControlNet modes.

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DH485 Series B Router

DH485 Series B Router

The DH485 Router Series B provides intelligent data routing between EtherNet/IP and DH485 which can help simplify the migration from PLC5, and SLC systems to ControlLogix or CompactLogix platforms, where a DFH485 interface is required.

The DH485 Router can be used to replace the 1761-NET-AIC. 

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IP Point HART In / Out​

The IP-Point-HART module can convert any analog device into either EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP,​​ or DNP3 TCP/UDP protocols. This includes 4 to 20 mA input and output devices with or without HART communications as well as 0 to 20 ma devices without HART.

The IP-Point-Hart is available in Input or Output variations:​

  • A-IP.HART-I for HART input devices like process instruments.
  • A-IP.HART-O for HART output devices like valve positioners.

The waterproof module is designed to screw directly into the HART field device simplifying installation. Power (24V) and Ethernet is connected to the device through the use of industry standard M12 connectors. The M12 connectors are supplied with the device and can be connected in the field.

The conversion to EtherNet/IP enables a HART device to be added directly into a Rockwell Automation Logix IO tree. The Modbus-TCP option enables a HART field device to be viewed as a Modbus Slave. The DNP3 option converts a HART field device into a DNP3 Outstation. The DNP3 option, also supports Secure Authentication, ensuring secure communications across the Ethernet network.

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Time Sync

The module is a stand-alone device allowing it to operate across various platforms. The module can also seamlessly connect and integrate with Rockwell Automation’s Allen Bradley equipment. The module can operate in either a Logix “owned” or standalone mode. In stand-alone mode the module can be configured and connected to an Ethernet network to accurately synchronize devices using 1588 PTP and NTP. With a Logix connection the input and output assemblies will provide timing, positioning, and diagnostic information which will be available in the Logix controller environment in addition to the PTP and NTP services.

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The DNP3 Router provides intelligent data routing between EtherNet/IP and DNP3 (serial, Ethernet UDP, or Ethernet TCP). The DNP3 Router allows the user to integrate DNP3 devices over a secure link into a Rockwell Logix platform (e.g. ControlLogix or CompactLogix) with minimal effort.

The DNP3 Router can now also be used as a DNP3 Outstation with a Micro800 (M850 & M820) controller.

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Modbus Series B

Modbus Series B Router

The Modbus Router provides intelligent data routing between EtherNet/IP and Modbus (serial Modbus-RTU (RS232 & RS485) or Ethernet Modbus-TCP). The Modbus Router allows the user to integrate Modbus devices into a Rockwell Logix platform (e.g. ControlLogix or CompactLogix) with minimal effort.

The Modbus Router is able to transfer data from various Modbus devices to a maximum of three Logix controllers. The module operates in one of three modes, simplifying the configuration for all applications.

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XPosition Module

The XPosition Module provides an interface to high accuracy positioning equipment which can be used across a range of position sensitive applications. Any third party Device can be interfaced to, provided it supports NMEA communications over Ethernet.

The XPosition module provides a method for connecting high precision GPS and inertial navigati​on devices to Rockwell Automation’s Logix (ControlLogix and CompactLogix) family of controllers.

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Gemlan Router

The GemLan Router provides intelligent data routing between either EtherNet/IP or AB Ethernet PCCC (e.g. PLC5 Ethernet communications) and the GEMLAN-D’s DecNet (Ethernet) network.

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HDLC Router

The HDLC ​Router provides intelligent data routing between EtherNet/IP and HDLC (RS485) which can help the migration from GEM80 control systems to ControlLogix or CompactLogix platforms, where an HDLC interface is required.

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Our Capabilities

Aparian can provide custom hardware and software development services and assistance. Our expertise ranges from automation, control, and interface hardware to configuration and monitoring software design and development. Aparian is also equipped to provide rapid prototyping and fast to market product development across a range of technologies.


Embedded Technologies capabilities include:

  • ARM / Cortex Processors
  • FPGA
  • Ethernet
  • 485 / 232
  • GPS
  • Cellular
  • Wireless


Industrial Network capabilities include:

  • EtherNet/IP
  • ControlNet
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
  • DNP3 with Secure Authentication
  • DF1
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • Profibus PA
  • HART / Wireless HART
  • 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
  • Network Time Protocols (NTP)


Software Development capabilities include:

  • FDT/DTM - Device and Comm DTM development
  • Data Exchange and storage
  • Interactive configuration and parameterization software

Company Profile

Aparian was founded on the principle of providing innovative solutions to the Industrial Automation sector. With more than 40 years’ worth of combined experience in the industrial product development domain and with offices in South Africa and the United States (USA), the business understands the various design criteria needed for globally integrated, reliable and easy-to-use products. Aparian specialises in providing commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) as well as end-to-end custom automation and control solutions for various industrial and commercial applications. This is achieved by applying sound design and development philosophies and incorporating advanced technologies to provide innovative next generation solutions to customers.

Aparian has a strong understanding of the challenges involved with products operating in an industrial environment. By designing for these challenges from first principles, the business is an able to produce products that are robust and of high availability ensuring minimal downtime and limiting risk. All products are also designed to meet industrial levels of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ensuring high availability and undisrupted operation in the harshest of environments. Products are also designed with numerous levels of easy-to-understand media and operational diagnostics empowering end users to quickly and effectively locate and rectify external faults.

The business is structured for agile operations allowing for rapid prototyping, development and implementation resulting in faster to market custom solutions. The founders have been involved with numerous industrial conversion and retro-fit projects where various integration and migration solutions were developed in record time allowing end customers to execute on time. Aparian has a high level of expertise with 3rd party and obsolete network and device integration by providing standard or custom solutions that link various networks and devices with control platforms in a seamless way.

Aparian has a strong understanding of Rockwell Automation’s various control platforms, with key personnel having been involved in the implementation of Rockwell projects for the past 15 years.

The business has two offices located in Randburg, South Africa and Irvine, California, USA.